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Look for our FREE shipping Specials

Block Posters

Dorm room decor just got better! With BlockPosters, you can make the perfect poster for your college dorm room or apartment. Block Posters from Dorm Room Essentials personalize your space. From your favorite quote to a picture with friends, you can hang a beautiful print that will brighten up your dorm room decor.

You've been dreaming of college for years: the classes you'll take, the friends you'll make, and the lifetime of memories you'll make. Soon it will all become a reality! And while it may seem like decorations are an afterthought, starting your year on the right note can have a massive impact on your future years. Welcome to Dorm Room Essentials: Custom Posters and Prints.

Dorm Room Essentials makes it easy and affordable to individualize your space with a poster that says what you want it to say. Perfect for college students moving into a new dorm room.
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